The BrandMinded® team is fueled by that indescribable local Tampa feel. From outdoor community spaces to the small businesses that line the streets, our community is what drives us to success in work and beyond. We owe it all to the 813 and there’s no better time to show our appreciation than #813Day! Scroll below to browse some of our BrandMinded® employees’ favorite spots around the 813!

Bayshore Boulevard

bayshore blvd

“When the traffic is gone and the city lights up at night, Bayshore is the best place to be. A walk or jog by the water under the light of the full moon is always good for the soul.”

~Ren Scott

“Who wouldn’t love a cityscape off the water?! Downtown is my favorite spot in the 813 as it offers luxury living, diverse cuisine, is home to our beloved BOLTS, has amazing views of the Hillsborough river, and offers fun, free fitness classes such as Zumba in the Park every Tuesday evening at Curtis Hixon Park!”

~Meagan Floco

Downtown Tampa

downtown tampa

Bern’s Park

berns park

“Bern’s Park is where it’s at! It’s a quiet place to read any time of day with the perks of South Howard restaurants and Bayshore Boulevard right around the corner.”

~Seth Sullivan

“My favorite place in Tampa is Ybor City. I like walking around all the little shops, good restaurants and bars, the saturday market, and of course, seeing the chickens. Ybor is also a great place to play Ingress!”

~Matt Hall

Ybor City

ybor tampa


sunset riverwalk tampa

“Walks along the riverwalk, especially during sunset, are so refreshing and nostalgic to me. Seeing the minarets of Plant Hall remind me of all the days I spent there and the happy memories I made at UT.”

~Alyssa Drum

“I love Armature Works because of the versatility of the community space. From food, to sports games, to the view of the river, to the proximity to downtown, this place has everything!”

~Igor Kurnosov

Armature Works

armature works

From sports, to exercise, to stunning views, the 813 is the backdrop of our lives and the BrandMinded® team is so lucky to have such a wonderful city at our fingertips.



When our client Agentes de Accidentes came to us on a mission to expand their brand awareness in local Hispanic communities throughout Tampa Bay, we recommended building a foundational layer using Out of Home (OOH) advertising. Keeping their highly specific target audience in mind, we knew our OOH recommendation needed to include a high frequency of traffic and hyper-focus on the local community.

The BrandMinded® team recommended using bus shelters and filling non-shelter areas with bus benches in specific zip codes with a higher Hispanic population in Tampa. Bus shelters and bus bench advertising offers a high frequency, as most of the traffic viewing the ads would be local drivers, people walking the route, or commuting on the bus daily. These ads are also cost-effective for reaching thousands of people daily and generating increased traffic to a website or other digital channels.

Once Agentes de Accidentes approved our recommendation, we got to work. Our team quickly and efficiently launched the creative and immediately saw the impact of the ads, both online and offline, in the community. Friends and acquaintances of the Agentes de Accidentes team saw the eye-catching ads. They responded by taking selfies with the creative and posting photos on their social media channels of the shelters and benches. Traffic to their website increased with an uptick in direct site look-ups – directly searching for – to learn more about their services. In addition, they received new clients who attributed seeing the ads on their daily commute to their peaked interest.

OOH, advertising helped our client, Agentes de Accidentes, reach the ultimate goal for any advertising effort, establishing brand awareness, credibility and trust in their local community. We raised awareness of this business on a large scale with a low-maintenance, cost-effective advertising strategy. Contact us today to learn more about the power of OOH advertising and how it may help your business!

Employee Spotlight: Meagan Floco

Employee Spotlight: Meagan Floco

This month get to know Meagan Floco, BrandMinded™’s Digital Director and featured employee of October. Meagan keeps everything running smoothly in our digital world with her calm, confident nature and wealth of skills. There isn’t much she can’t do, from web development, to teaching Zumba, to making office-favorite keto cheesecake.

Q: What made you interested in your career?

A: Many things! But the main reason I became interested in working for a digital agency is that I get to learn about many different kinds of businesses and truly be a part of their company’s success. Every company is unique and comes with their own set of objectives and goals. To achieve these results, I have to really push myself to use all my knowledge and skill sets to make an impact for our clients. As long as I’m in this industry, I will always be learning and never be bored. I’m always ready for the next marketing challenge to solve!


Q: What are three words you would use to describe BrandMinded™?

A: Collaborative: The key to any successful digital agency is teamwork. Creative: The one job qualification required from all team members. Valuable (Partner): This is the glue that keeps our clients happy.


Q: Who is one coworker you admire, and why?

A: I appreciate and applaud my Executive Director, Karen Barrera. Her integrity as a manager is admirable. She dedicates herself to our clients and really goes the extra mile to build a stronger work force. The quality of her leadership has been a great example and has helped me grow professionally.


Q: Favorite part about working at BrandMinded™?

A: From building websites, to managing an awesome team, to interacting with clients and creating engaging, beautiful content, I get to do it ALL! The world is my oyster here at BrandMinded™ and I love being able to help influence our development.


Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in Tampa?

A: Definitely Bern’s Steak House – just hold the steak.


Q: What TV show are you watching right now?

A: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…DeVito is the best!


Q: Best concert you’ve ever attended?

A: Well, my favorite band: U2.


Q: Favorite place in the world?

A: Have to go with two places I’ve been to for this one: I love Vancouver, Quebec City, & Sedona.


Q: If you could only have 3 apps on your cell phone, what would they be?

A: Messages: For texting, of course! Camera App: Who doesn’t like taking photos? Instagram: For my viewing pleasure.