Play Golf, Save Lives: A Tampa Nonprofit Fundraiser

Play Golf, Save Lives: A Tampa Nonprofit Fundraiser

On Monday, October 3rd, ForHearts Worldwide will host its 2nd Annual Drive to Save Lives Golf Tournament at Carrollwood Country Club. Once again, Centennial Bank has stepped up as the major sponsor for the event.

The challenge for BrandMinded, of course, is to promote the event and ensure its success. Our approach: a multi-faceted strategy to attract players, secure additional sponsors and maximize donations for this amazing cause.

First, to spread awareness, BrandMinded launched a campaign of email blasts, text messages, a website blog, social media posts and a Facebook event page. To facilitate registration and sponsorship signups, all posts are linked to a custom landing page on That makes it simple for participants to find more information, register, or become a sponsor right on the website.

To further awareness, the BrandMinded team designed, wrote and placed a profile article about ForHearts.Org in the popular Tampa Magazine. For anyone who didn’t know about the organization or its mission of providing pacemakers for those who can’t afford them around the world, this article shares the compelling story. We then complemented that article, in the same issue, with a promotional ad for the golf event. Along with the event details, the ad included a convenient QR code to increase ease and likelihood that readers visit our landing page to sign up.

To maximize engagement, we implemented a system of automated response messages online. Upon signing up for the event, each player receives a series of automated messages keeping them informed and engaged. The messages also work to promote other opportunities available at the event and increase donations.

To continue branding and promotion throughout the event, BrandMinded designed and produced 25 on-site signs to be placed throughout the golf course. This both thanks the sponsors for their contributions and encourages them to consider taking part again next year. Bottomline, through email and SMS messages we have maintained engagement with those familiar with ForHearts and the golf tournament.

Through social media and Tampa Magazine we have reached out to a whole new audience. To date, the results are phenomenal. Already this Drive to Save Lives event is on par to exceed our client’s fundraising goals and be a day to remember of playing golf and saving lives!

Want to join in on the fun? Register to play or become a sponsor today!