Play Golf, Save Lives: A Tampa Nonprofit Fundraiser

Play Golf, Save Lives: A Tampa Nonprofit Fundraiser

On Monday, October 3rd, ForHearts Worldwide will host its 2nd Annual Drive to Save Lives Golf Tournament at Carrollwood Country Club. Once again, Centennial Bank has stepped up as the major sponsor for the event.

The challenge for BrandMinded, of course, is to promote the event and ensure its success. Our approach: a multi-faceted strategy to attract players, secure additional sponsors and maximize donations for this amazing cause.

First, to spread awareness, BrandMinded launched a campaign of email blasts, text messages, a website blog, social media posts and a Facebook event page. To facilitate registration and sponsorship signups, all posts are linked to a custom landing page on That makes it simple for participants to find more information, register, or become a sponsor right on the website.

To further awareness, the BrandMinded team designed, wrote and placed a profile article about ForHearts.Org in the popular Tampa Magazine. For anyone who didn’t know about the organization or its mission of providing pacemakers for those who can’t afford them around the world, this article shares the compelling story. We then complemented that article, in the same issue, with a promotional ad for the golf event. Along with the event details, the ad included a convenient QR code to increase ease and likelihood that readers visit our landing page to sign up.

To maximize engagement, we implemented a system of automated response messages online. Upon signing up for the event, each player receives a series of automated messages keeping them informed and engaged. The messages also work to promote other opportunities available at the event and increase donations.

To continue branding and promotion throughout the event, BrandMinded designed and produced 25 on-site signs to be placed throughout the golf course. This both thanks the sponsors for their contributions and encourages them to consider taking part again next year. Bottomline, through email and SMS messages we have maintained engagement with those familiar with ForHearts and the golf tournament.

Through social media and Tampa Magazine we have reached out to a whole new audience. To date, the results are phenomenal. Already this Drive to Save Lives event is on par to exceed our client’s fundraising goals and be a day to remember of playing golf and saving lives!

Want to join in on the fun? Register to play or become a sponsor today!

Working Spaces Website Receives Hermes Award

Working Spaces Website Receives Hermes Award

Our client Working Spaces is a company committed to excellence. An innovative leader in commercial office furniture and design, they are known for the “world class customer experience” they provide for each of their clients every day.

So, when it came to designing and launching a dynamic new website, BrandMinded Digital Marketing did was it always does. It provided a “world class customer experience” in return.

Soon after launch, the new Working Spaces website was honored with the prestigious Hermes Creative Gold Award. The Hermes is an international award recognizing outstanding work in the industry of electronic media and website design. Judges for the award are industry professionals who look for companies whose website design and user experience exceed a high standard of excellence and serves as a benchmark for the industry.

“We are extremely proud of this award, “says Working Spaces COO Tim Carroll. “We are committed to always providing a world class customer experience, and that goal extends to our website and creating the best online experience possible for our customers.”

At BrandMinded we are also extremely proud of this award. Click the link and see why the judges were so impressed.

Get to Know our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Igor

Get to Know our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Igor

There’s a birthday in the BrandMinded office today! Happy birthday to our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Igor! As the most recent new member of the BrandMinded team, Igor has excelled in impressing clients with data reports and keeping client websites looking good and running smooth. But let’s get to know the person behind the data.

What do you love most about working for BrandMinded?

First of all, during these 7 months I have learned so many new skills. I’ve been doing projects that I never thought I’d get the chance to do. And I think that’s especially great when you’re stating your career. I feel that I’m getting to be a better specialist every day, and I want to thank BrandMinded for giving me this opportunity. But apart from that I also like that my job is very balanced. One day I use my imagination to do something creative, and the next I use my analytical skills to work on a more technical and precise project. And of course, my coworkers have always been friendly to me and are always ready to help – whether that means in the office or helping me move into my new apartment.

What’s your favorite aspect of working in the marketing world?

I would say freedom. There’s always something you can improve, always something new you can create. No matter how good your performance metrics are, you can always do better. You can always think of a new solution or a new idea that will benefit your business. So as a marketer I have a lot of freedom in trying to make things better for our clients. And by working with different clients, you can learn a lot about different industries – be it healthcare, custom pins or tents.

What’s a passion you have that people might not know about you?

Since my childhood, I have been a big fan of legos. Back in my parents’ house there is an entire room filled with boxes of legos. When I was little, my parents would always give me legos as a present for all holidays. And I would never go to bed before I finished building. Growing older I started spending less time playing with legos, but it will always have a place in my heart. Whenever I see their logos, I feel joy and I immediately want to build something.

Igor Kurnosov - LEGO Old Trafford

What does your ideal weekend in Tampa Bay look like?

My ideal weekend is hanging out with friends on Saturday, maybe watching a game, going to a restaurant, concert, or museum, Ybor, or the beach. Then resting all day Sunday!

What’s a project/accomplishment you’re proud of?

I believe that my best accomplishments are all ahead. I’m still young and just starting my professional career, so I think I can do much more in future. Of course, I’m proud of graduating from one of the best universities in Russia and getting a Master’s degree in the United States, but I try not to rest on the laurels.

What’s your favorite type of cake/treat to have on your birthday?

Honestly, I have never been a big fan of typical birthday cakes, because they are usually too sweet for my taste. I would probably say blueberry muffins are my favorite. And I also really like classic cheesecakes and donuts.

Happy birthday, Igor, and thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes to keep our clients happy.

BrandMinded Video Announces Major Expansion for Working Spaces

BrandMinded Video Announces Major Expansion for Working Spaces

Our client Working Spaces is known as the innovative leader in commercial office furniture and design. In St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City and Denver they set the standard. When they make moves, the industry pays attention.

So, when it came time to announce the company’s expansion into the fast-growing markets of Nashville and Orlando, we felt it required more than a one-time announcement. We decided on a series of videos. Each revealing more about the big news. Each increasing engagement and giving the industry a chance to soak in the news.

Here’s just one of the videos in the campaign:


The data is clear. Video is a powerful tool to increase engagement for marketing online. But when built into a series of videos and posts, a true campaign, engagement can be substantially increased.

Custom Holiday Social Graphics

Custom Holiday Social Graphics

First and foremost, Happy Labor Day! Everyone loves a day off, and even more so, everyone loves to post about their day off. Even as a business, staying on this trend is essential.

Celebrating and recognizing holidays on your social channels can be a great way to gain favor with your followers while also filling up your content calendars. Creating custom graphics paired with a uniquely crafted holiday message in the caption is a no-brainer. This gives your brand the opportunity to share what is important to your employees and advocate for causes that mean something to your company.

Browse our gallery of Labor Day graphics we’ve created for our clients this year below!

Case Study: Increase Organic Traffic 315% Year Over Year

Case Study: Increase Organic Traffic 315% Year Over Year

Here is a quick update on one of our clients and how they have benefitted from our search engine optimization (SEO) services over the past year. For ViscoGen, we develop quality original content for them multiple times per month and also manage their back end technical SEO work including on page optimizations, site speed optimizations, schema markup, and more.

Search engine optimization is usually referred to as a “long-game” because it takes time for quality content to be indexed and then ranked by Google. Over the past year, Google has had multiple updates to their algorithm to favor sites that are creating quality original content and also making sure all pages on the site are easily digestible to both Desktop users, Mobile users, and the Google spider.

For this particular client, when we compare Organic Traffic (traffic from the major search engines) between 2022 and 2021, we can see that they have had a 315% increase in the amount of users. This has taken them from receiving less than 500 users to their website per month to now receiving over 4,500, solely from their Organic rankings. That means they had 7,096 users in 2020 and almost 30,000 users in 2021!

Many agencies and a quick search online will show you that a 20% increase in organic traffic year over year is a positive trend. This chart goes to show that with proper SEO management and quality content. It is possible to far surpass that baseline.

What to achieve these results for your business? Contact us today!