Case Study: Increase Organic Traffic 315% Year Over Year

ViscoGen Organic Traffic Year Over Year

Here is a quick update on one of our clients and how they have benefitted from our search engine optimization (SEO) services over the past year. For ViscoGen, we develop quality original content for them multiple times per month and also manage their back end technical SEO work including on page optimizations, site speed optimizations, schema markup, and more.

Search engine optimization is usually referred to as a “long-game” because it takes time for quality content to be indexed and then ranked by Google. Over the past year, Google has had multiple updates to their algorithm to favor sites that are creating quality original content and also making sure all pages on the site are easily digestible to both Desktop users, Mobile users, and the Google spider.

For this particular client, when we compare Organic Traffic (traffic from the major search engines) between 2022 and 2021, we can see that they have had a 315% increase in the amount of users. This has taken them from receiving less than 500 users to their website per month to now receiving over 4,500, solely from their Organic rankings. That means they had 7,096 users in 2020 and almost 30,000 users in 2021!

Many agencies and a quick search online will show you that a 20% increase in organic traffic year over year is a positive trend. This chart goes to show that with proper SEO management and quality content. It is possible to far surpass that baseline.

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