How to Get the Most out of Your Agency Experience

making the most out of your agency experience

A successful agency-client relationship, like any friendship, requires effort from both sides. After a decade and a half of experience, we’ve found there are certain elements in every agency-client relationship that works.


Marketing naturally has moving parts. Prevent important information from getting lost in a vortex. Communicate, and communicate often! Set up regular times to talk on the phone, and in-person. Between these meetings, regular email check-ins with key information keep everyone on the same page. Be sure that goals and expectations are established early on. On both sides, it’s essential to have a point of contact with whom information is filtered through to avoid any future confusion.


It can be nerve-wracking to relinquish control (and hard-earned dollars) to an agency. Remember why you hired them – to reap the benefits of their knowledge and make your business profitable. Trust your agency team members are experts in their field — they want the campaign to be successful as much as you.

Pick the right agency

If your agency is a bad fit from the start, it’s hard to be successful! Look for red flags before hiring a team. We’ve seen too many fall into the trap of gimmicky firms with promises that are smoke-and-mirrors. Trust your gut. Ask a lot of questions before committing. How do they approach strategy? What is their background in digital? What’s their track record for results? What do their clients say? Will work be outsourced or is everyone in-house? These are things to consider. With the right fit, your digital agency should feel like a true partner.

BrandMinded® is a Tampa-based, full-service agency with a digital foundation. We know that in our cluttered digital world, strong branding is the name of the game. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ industries, produce quality content and deliver excellent results. And we have the data to prove it. If you’re tired of agencies that over-promise and under-deliver, let’s chat.

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