non-profit website development in tampa

After a period of evolution and expansion for our non-profit client, ForHearts Worldwide, this spring we launched their new website, For almost 40 years, ForHearts Worldwide has been a non-profit organization that saves lives by creating a network for providing implantable cardiovascular devices for people in need in developing countries around the world. Harnessing their power of giving to heart centers across the world, ForHearts expanded their services and broadened their mission this year with the hope of saving more lives outside their previous specialty. Thus, it was the natural time to develop a new website to showcase their mission’s growth while expanding their reach to new donors.

In an effort to optimize the website for non-profit necessities, the design and functionality lead viewers to the most critical information and calls to action. By placing easy-to-use donation forms and buttons across all pages of the site, the design offers a practical and user-friendly way to help our client achieve their brand mission: collecting donations to save lives. Sharing their brand mission clearly and evocatively was our top priority.

“Providing visuals to educate viewers and familiarize them with the world they are helping is essential to donor appeal,” says Seth Sullivan, our graphic designer for the site. “The human element of non-profit brands is what those potential donors need to see. Recognizing just how easy it is to help someone through this website can be the difference between life and death.

As our clients’ brands develop, the BrandMinded® team puts all hands on deck to ensure their success. Check out our work on ForHearts’ new website at and contact us today about launching your own website.

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