Content Marketing 101

content marketing 101

Content marketing defined:

“A strategy in which a company creates and distributes relevant digital content, such as a newsletter, article, white paper, or blog to its target audience. The content is not inherently about the company or its products. Instead, it focuses on providing solutions and new ideas with the goal of drawing and maintaining an engaged audience.”

Content marketing should be an essential part of any brand’s marketing arsenal, no matter how small or massive the company is. Successful content marketing can help the smallest businesses achieve subject authority, search visibility, and build brand awareness. 

Just like the great Gary Vee says – “All Companies are Media Companies” – not just businesses that sell a product or provide a service. And your media is not about your products – it’s about relevant information that builds an entirely new level of gravitas around your brand. Rather than publishing your content in a magazine or a newspaper, it can be published on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Content Marketing Builds Subject Authority

By adding meaningful discourse and solutions to conversations, a brand can convince its target audience that it is a leading authority on a subject, even if that subject doesn’t directly mention the services or products offered by the company. Once a company succeeds in establishing itself as an authority, the brand benefits immensely. Trust is built between the consumer and the brand, which fosters loyalty, making it less likely for a consumer to switch to a competing brand. Loyal consumers are invaluable to a company’s bottom line.

Content Marketing Builds Search Visibility

An online presence is a necessity for a thriving company in today’s society. It allows consumers to interact with a business, easily assess information about it, and learn more about what it offers easily and on the go. Without that online presence, consumers are left with more questions than answers, and competing companies are just waiting to swoop in with answers of their own to enlarge their consumer base. 

Content marketing bolsters the online presence and search visibility of a brand, so consumers will be more likely to find the company. (This not only applies to consumers who are intentionally looking for that brand – even consumers who don’t know about your brand can find out about it through a search that leads to your quality content marketing efforts).

Content Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a crucial aspect of building a business and attracting new customers. If a consumer doesn’t know that a brand exists, they can’t make the decision to use it. Content marketing exposes consumers to a specific brand and helps them become more aware that it exists. In a scenario where a consumer must choose between two brands, they are more likely to choose the one they’ve heard of in the past. 

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