BrandMinded® Has Landed in Tampa

What's On Your Mind, Tampa?

March 19, 2019


A new digital agency opens its doors in Hyde Park, Tampa


Miné Salkin


Miné Salkin

TAMPA, Florida – A whole new brand of digital marketing has landed with BrandMinded®; a full-service creative and advertising agency in the heart of Hyde Park. With more than 15 years of experience delivering results for clients all over the nation, it has now returned to its home – Tampa Bay – to focus on helping small to medium-sized businesses with digital strategy, web design, and brand development.

“Our agency is focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses because we are one,” says Kimberly Harvill, Principal at BrandMinded®. “In the past, only large enterprises with sizable advertising budgets could be disruptive. Now we’re here to demystify the digital space, and to help our partners thrive by using the best-in-class in digital strategy to grow their business.”

BrandMinded® provides a myriad of traditional advertising and digital marketing services including web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media and reputation management, content creation, as well as television, print, and outdoor advertising.

“Tampa Bay is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship, with startups and small businesses having unique opportunities to grow,” says Meagan Floco, Digital Director at BrandMinded®. “We are the newest agency to enter this space and are looking forward to providing digital marketing services to businesses seeking a true, collaborative partnership.”

The agency’s launch campaign, “What’s on your Mind?,” invites business owners to describe what they need most in a digital strategy.

“What we’re seeing is that many small businesses are underserved,” says Karen Barrera, Executive Director at BrandMinded®. “We’re leveling the playing field by helping our clients invest in the digital tools available to them, working together to generate returns on their investments.”


About BrandMinded®:

BrandMinded® is an innovative, focused, passionate digital marketing agency with a straightforward mission: to help small to medium sized businesses grow. We offer a full spectrum of marketing and advertising services for our clients including TV, radio, print, outdoor and video production, in addition to content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media and reputation management.

Our team is a collective of talented, experienced creatives who have worked to increase revenues of companies in more than 30 states nationwide. Driven by data, fueled by creativity – we help businesses grow in Tampa Bay and beyond.

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