The average person receives over 100 emails daily (not including spam), so it’s no surprise that email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of communication for B2B and B2C audiences. However, due to the large volume of daily content, which is only expected to rise in years to come, an effective email marketing strategy is crucial to ensure you outperform the competition.

When Men’s Liberty came to us seeking to improve their email marketing efforts, we took this as an opportunity to push the limit with their brand messaging and create a modernized email design that would grab the audience’s attention. As a result, we made several email series for their B2B clients and B2C customers to ensure they were promoting the right message at the right time to the right audience. Throughout each email series, our goal was to heighten brand awareness and gain new interest in their male incontinence product.

Our team developed an engaging email series that combined catchy subject lines, customized messaging and bold design, leaving customers eager to sign up and learn more about the product.

It’s no secret that the subject line can either make or break the opening of an email. With 47% of email recipients deciding to open emails based on the subject lines alone, crafting a subject line that piques interest is no small feat. That’s why the BrandMinded® team prepared a series of subject lines that passed with flying colors regarding engagement, mobile and desktop visibility, spam score, deliverability and readability. Some subject lines that produced higher open rates, click-through rates and overall results included:

Dr. ___, Help Your Patients Today!
New Product for Staying Active
Get Your Liberty Back Today!

Throughout this campaign, these emails had a 97% delivery rate, 37% open rate and a 30% unique click-through rate. These metrics show that our readers were engaged and interested in the custom content and eager to discover more by clicking through to the landing page. But, more importantly, these specialty-crafted email campaigns allowed our client to build relationships with leads, customers and past customers by crafting a message that increased brand awareness and spoke directly to their audience – leaving a lasting impression.

Need help with your email marketing strategy? Say hello to the BrandMinded® customized approach for email marketing and engage with your audience today!

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